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Composition of rolling bearing

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Deep groove ball bearing is a kind of precise mechanical element which changes the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, so as to reduce the friction loss. Due to different uses and working conditions, the structure of rolling bearing varies a lot, but the basic structure is composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element (steel ball or roller) and cage.

(1) Inner ring (also called inner sleeve or inner ring). Usually fixed on the journal, the inner ring rotates with the shaft. The outer surface of the inner ring has grooves for rolling steel balls or rollers, which is called inner groove or inner raceway.

(2) Outer ring (also called outer ring or outer ring). It is usually fixed on the bearing pedestal or the shell of the machine to support the rolling element. The inner groove or groove on the inner surface of the roller is also called the inner raceway.

(3) Rolling element (steel ball or roller). Each set of bearing is equipped with a group or several groups of rolling elements, which are installed between the inner ring and the outer ring to transfer the rolling force. Rolling element is a load-bearing part, its shape, size and quantity determine the bearing capacity and the performance of high-speed operation.

(4) Cage (also known as cage or isolator). The rolling elements in the bearing are evenly separated from each other so that each rolling element can roll normally between the inner ring and outer ring. In addition, the cage can guide the movement of the rolling element, improve the internal lubrication conditions of the bearing, and prevent the rolling element from falling off. In the thrust bearing, the ring matched with the shaft is called the shaft ring, and the ring matched with the bearing seat or machine shell is called the seat ring, and the shaft ring and the seat ring are collectively referred to as the washer. In addition to the above four parts, bearings of various structures have other parts to match. For example, rivet, dust cover, sealing ring, stop washer, retaining ring and setting sleeve, etc.

For example:

The cylindrical surface of N outer ring has stop groove

NR bearing outer ring has stop groove and stop ring

There are two positioning slots on the N2 outer ring (180 degrees)

The RS bearing (needle roller bearing) has a synthetic rubber or polyurethane contact oil seal on one side

-One side of RS1 bearing has hydrophilic steel plate synthetic rubber contact oil seal

-Two sides of 2rs1 bearing have Es1 oil seal

-RS bearing (needle bearing) has RS oil seal on both sides

-One side of RZ bearing has a steel plate friendly synthetic rubber friction oil seal

-Two sides of 2RZ bearing are provided with RZ oil seal

-Dust cover (non friction oil seal) on one side of Z bearing

-Both sides of 2Z bearing are provided with Z dust cover

-The Zn dust cover is located on the opposite side of the stop groove

-The two sides of 2Zn bearing are provided with Z dust cover, and the outer ring is provided with stop groove

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