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How to select the type of bearing

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Today, the authorized dealer of deep groove ball bearing will teach you how to choose the type of bearing.

Since the ultimate purpose of bearing selection is to meet the requirements of the equipment, the bearing selector must first master and understand the mechanical equipment performance required, and then have a certain degree of understanding of the overall technical characteristics of the bearing. Rolling bearings have different characteristics, which are suitable for different applications of various machines. In general, the selection of bearings should be based on the following main factors:

1. The space and position of the machine occupied by the bearing;

2. The direction and nature of the load;

3. Performance requirements of centering;

4. Rotational speed;

5. Rotation accuracy;

6. Rigidity and preload of bearing;

7. Bearing movement and axial displacement;

8. Convenient installation and disassembly;

9. Friction moment;

10. Noise and vibration;

11. Working environment of bearing;

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